5 Places to Light Up Your Life – and Property – with Solar Lights

5 Places to Light Up Your Life – and Property – with Solar Lights

1.  The Front Walkway

If your home is set back from the street, you can line a safe pathway from the curb to your front door with our Portable Clear Solar Lanterns. Just place them far enough apart to light up your sidewalk.

2.  The Back Patio

With a smaller back yard, our Solar Wall Lights attached to the exterior back wall of your house will provide enough light for a back yard barbecue or just sitting outside on the patio and enjoying a quiet evening at home. They automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

3.  The Back Yard

Big back yard? No problem! Our Solar Tiki Torch & Garden Lights can illuminate any size space. Use them as a table lamp on your outdoor furniture, set them to appear like a flaming torch, or just plant them in the grass as a garden light. They’re adjustable up to 5 ft. tall in height, to provide even greater lighting coverage.

4.  The Pool Area

Ready for a midnight swim? our Portable Solar Frosted Lanterns provide illumination that’s strong enough to clearly show the edge of the pool, but soft enough to provide a pleasant glow. They are available in amber or white light – whichever one you choose, they’ll stay lit for up to 12 hours once fully charged.


5.  The Front Driveway

If you don’t have enough light in front of your garage, or you are tired of replacing the standard light bulbs in the fixtures that are there, why not make the switch to our Solar Security Lights? They are more eco-friendly than electric lights, and you can choose to have them on all the time after dark, or be motion-triggered by approaching people or cars.

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