About Techko

About Techko

Established in 1982, the Techko Group has a long history of selling consumer electronics worldwide - from safety products to robotic vacuums to outdoor solar lights.


Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

In 2022, we celebrated our 40th Anniversary of Techko. Since our founding, we designed, manufactured, and sold hundred of products to our customers including:

Shredders, laminators, letter folding machines, and electric hole punchers; and safety and security products comprise solar powered alarms, pyroelectric infrared motion detector alarms, entry alarms, window alarms, pool safety alarms, personal alarms, robotic vacuums, and outdoor solar lights.

Our Capabilities

We're a vertically integrated company, with over 30 years of manufacturing & supply chain experience working with partners in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. We have a warehouse located in Southern California with dropshipping capabilities to anywhere in North America.

We also have in-house R&D and product development, innovating new products and making sure that they comply with design, engineering, and quality best practices. Our products and designs have been multiple innovation & design awards at CES and the International Housewares Association.

Techko also holds over 100+ patents around the world. Our global intellectual property portfolio spans the USPTO, Japan Patent Office, EMEA, and China, covering our entire product line from safety alarms, solar lights, office supplies, and vacuums.

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The Next 40 years

As we look into the next forty years, we will continue to uphold our values of delivery quality products to our customers. We plan to look towards the future for new trends and industries to keep designing new products!

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