How to Install the Techko Safe Pool Alarm with Examples

General Installation Guide

Installing the Safe Pool Alarm by Techko Group is a straightforward process that ensures the safety of your pool area. The alarm is UL-2017 compliant and is required by most local regulations for child pool saftey. Follow these simple steps to install the Safe Pool Alarm:

1. Choose the Ideal Location

The Safe Pool Alarm is designed to be mounted on entry and access points leading to the pool (see below). This includes sliding doors, windows, and gates. Make sure to identify all the access points to your pool.

2. Mount the Alarm & Magnetic Sensors

Using the provided mounting hardware or included adhesives, securely attach the Safe Pool Alarm to a wall or fence post. Then mount the corresponding magnetic sensors. Please note that the sensors need to be within 1/4" inch with each other.

3. Install the External Bypass Button

Plug the included bypass button into the bottom of the unit. Using the provided mounting hardware or included adhesives, mount the bypass button to the other side of the door. This will let you bypass the alarm for 15 seconds when entering your house on the other side.

4. Test the Alarm

Test that the alarm is activated once you open the door. Be sure to also test the bypass button.


7. Regular Maintenance:

Periodically inspect the Safe Pool Alarm to ensure it remains in optimal working condition. Check the sensor, cables, and alarm unit for any signs of damage or wear. Clean the sensor to remove any debris that may affect its performance. If you need to change the battery, the low battery light will turn on.


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Compatible with: S187D, S189, and S287

Installation Examples with Diagrams

Our Safe Pool Alarms are versatile and work with various styles of doors, windows, and gates. Please refer to the diagrams below for your setup:


  1. Standard Door

  2. French Door

  3. Sliding Door

  4. Sliding Door with Screen

  5. Pool Gate


  1. Single Hung Window

  2. Double Hung Window

  3. Casement Window

  4. Awning Window

  5. Sliding Window