5 Reasons to Choose Solar Landscape Lights

5 Reasons to Choose Solar Landscape Lights

Front yards, back yards, walkways, gardens and pool areas can all be further beautified with the right lighting.

Solar lighting is one option for illuminating your home and the land that surrounds it; traditional electric lighting is another. Which is better? Here are five reasons why we think solar is the preferable choice.


1. Ease of Use and Installation

    Electric lighting requires wiring and connection to your home’s electrical system. Installation may require a set of skills beyond the average homeowner – and that means hiring an electrician and spending more money before you can turn them on. But solar landscape lights are wireless, and only require sunlight to be charged before they light up your nights. Take them out of the box, put them in a place were the sun shines, and you’re good to go.


    2. Beauty and Brightness

      Solar lights deliver softer, ambient lighting, in a variety of fixture styles suitable to many different application and architectural requirements. They provide enough light to adequately illuminate a walkway, and to play a role in home security, while also serving as a more appealing option for a tranquil back yard setting. Most people don’t want spotlights that make their home look like it’s hosting a Hollywood premiere. Gentle lighting enhances a comfortable atmosphere, and that’s what solar lights provide.


      3. Eco-Friendliness

        This one is obvious: those who care about the environment, about “going green,” about lowering their carbon footprint, will certainly want to select solar lighting over electrical.


        4. Maintenance

          Solar lights are virtually maintenance free. Their systems are self-contained, so outside of cleaning to remove dirt and debris, and an occasional battery change, you can set them up and expect consistent operation night after night. LED solar bulbs have a service life measured in the tens of thousands of hours.


          5. Cost

            Quality solar lights can now be purchased at a low price. And once they’re installed, they cost nothing to operate. With electric lights, the longer they are on, the higher your monthly power bill.


            So when you’re ready to add some brightness to your property, and you want to get there in a way that is faster and easier with lower cost and lower maintenance, it’s no surprise that more homeowners are opting for solar lighting.


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