4 Creative Ways to Surround Your Home With Light

4 Creative Ways to Surround Your Home With Light

Chris Valle

All outdoor solar lights are the same? Not around here.


We enjoy exploring new ideas and designing new solar lights in different styles and designs. And this month we are proud to unveil four unique and attractive lights that we hope you’ll like.


Solar Garden Walkway Lights

Add an appropriate touch of class to the grand estate you call home with these decorative garden and walkway lights. You can select from a model that provides both an amber or white light illumination, or one that offers still light, or a flame appearance like a vintage lamppost. The pole and ground stake are provided for height, or use the alternative table stand for counters and other surfaces.


Solar Wall or Pillar Lights

These solar lights match the design of our walkway lights, so you can use them on their own or pair them with the lights along your pathways for a consistent appearance. One model offers amber or white light – the other provides both flame and still light illumination.


Solar Garden Lights

Modern, stylish and fun, our new garden lights provide vivid colors along with stunning brightness. These sleek lights use color-shifting LED illumination in a soft pink and green, which will add a festive touch to any occasion. We also offer Garden Lights in the same design but with amber or white light options.


Solar Security Lights

Protection and safety are one of the main reasons so many people add outdoor solar lights to their home. Our Solar Security Lights can be set to provide constant illumination, perhaps for an entryway or around your patio. Or you switch them to a motion-triggered mode, so they will only illuminate when someone approaches your home. These are available with a single light source, or in a twin model for double the brightness.


Whatever their outward appearance, all of our outdoor solar lights are manufactured to the same high quality standard. They come with an IP65 performance rating, which means they can endure outdoor weather conditions, and they will last up to 12+ hours on a full charge.

And since they don’t use electricity these lights are easy to install, easy to move around, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them on or off. After a day out in the sun they will illuminate automatically at dusk, and light up your walkway, yard or pool area all night long.


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