Host a Last-Minute Easter Egg Hunt

Host a Last-Minute Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a classic crafty activity that has been enjoyed by kids and adults alike for generations. If you're looking to host an Easter egg hunt, here are some tips on how to do it right:

An Easter egg hunt can be fun for everyone, and doesn't have to be complicated.

Easter Egg Hunts are a great way to get outside, and they're also fun for kids. If you're looking to get your family together for Easter, an egg hunt is the perfect activity.

Easter eggs are full of surprises--who doesn't love surprises? Whether it's finding a chocolate treat inside or seeing what kind of toy has been hidden inside, there's excitement in every egg! And if you're trying to get some exercise during the holidays (or any time of year), then an egg hunt with kids is just what you need!

The Checklist: Decorate your backyard and patio

  • Decorate your backyard and patio.
  • Use solar lights to create a fun atmosphere.
  • Set up lawn games for kids to enjoy while they wait for the hunt to start.
  • Add patio decor, like a chalkboard sign or photo booth props so that everyone can take photos and share them on social media afterwards!
  • If you have room, use a blanket for kids to sit on while they eat snacks during the egg hunt (and afterward). You could also set up tables with snacks and drinks nearby so that everyone can help themselves after hunting eggs!

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Provide a basket for every participant.

Baskets should be large enough to hold all the eggs, sturdy and easy to carry, easy to clean and store.

Create a cool egg-decorating station.

A table is the easiest way to set up an egg-decorating station. You can use any kind of table, but I recommend using one that has a lip around it so that your eggs don't roll off onto the floor!

If you're not using a table, use a basket or bin instead. They're great for keeping things organized and preventing spills!

You could also try paper plates (for younger kids), plastic cups, small bowls and large bowls as well as small plates if there are older children/adults helping out with this activity too!

Make sure to have plenty of supplies like stickers, water-based acrylics, permanent markers, or paint pens!

The Healthy Alternative: Leave the chocolate for another day

Instead of hiding chocolate eggs or candy at your party, consider hiding small toys instead. This way everyone can enjoy themselves without having their sugar levels spike too high!

If you still want to include some kind of sweet treat in your hunt, try using fruit as an alternative. If a guest finds an orange egg with gold foil on top of it (or whatever), they'll know it's something special--and can even eat it after the hunt is over!

Get inspired by the surroundings

Whether you're hosting an Easter egg hunt in your own backyard or at a park nearby, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the surroundings into your event. For example, if you have a tree that's full of leaves, use it as a hiding spot for eggs! You can also hide them under bushes or plant life--just make sure they're out of sight from passersby. If none of that works for you and you need more space than what nature provides, set up containers on tables or benches (like buckets) around which children can search for hidden treats.*

Pro Tip: Hide the eggs in something you're using anyway

You can also use things that are already there, like the couch or a pillow. That way, you don't have to go out and buy something new just for this purpose.

If you're hosting an Easter egg hunt at home and don't want to go out and buy any kind of special hiding place for your eggs (or if you simply don't have time), consider using existing objects around your house instead! You can hide them under furniture cushions or pillows when they aren't being used--the kids will still be able to find them because they'll know where they should look!


We hope this guide has helped you figure out how to host the perfect Easter egg hunt. We know it's not always easy, but if you follow our tips and tricks we promise your kids will have a blast!

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