Plan the Perfect Easter Weekend BBQ

Plan the Perfect Easter Weekend BBQ

This Easter, you're going to want to spend some time with your family. But that doesn't mean that you can't make it fun! Whether you're hosting a large group of friends or just making it a day trip with the kids, this guide will help you plan the perfect Easter weekend BBQ.

Start by decorating.

For a quick, easy way to make your outdoor space look festive, you can use solar lights. You can put them in the garden or on your patio, line your driveway and walkways with them, or decorate your deck or porch with them. They're versatile enough for all of these uses!

Just remember that when you get outdoors on Easter weekend, it's probably going to be dark by 5:00 pm (which is when most people eat dinner). You'll want to make sure that your solar lights are working properly so they don't leave you in the dark.

In addition to illuminating your backyard, make sure that you have plenty of seating and a comfortable selection of patio furniture. You can add a patio set, outdoor chaise lounge, or even an outdoor couch if you have the space. Don’t forget about some pillows!

Deciding what to serve.

You've got the location and date sorted, but now you need to think about what your guests will be eating. Whether you're planning a casual backyard party or an elegant sit-down affair, here are some tips on choosing the best foods to serve:

Have no shame in going traditional with hotdogs and hamburgers, but if you're looking for something a little more hearty, you may want to try some steak or chicken—they're both universally loved! As for sides, keep it simple. Potato salad is always good (especially when made with roasted potatoes), as are coleslaw and pasta salad (though we recommend making these at least a day ahead). If you want something different from the norm, try out one of our favorite recipes for potato pancakes or cabbage rolls. It'll be sure to impress your guests!

Plan on at least two pounds of meat per person if they're eating just that; add another pound if they plan on having other dishes as well. And don't forget that there's always room for dessert! We particularly love lemon meringue pie recipe—it's sure go down well after all the BBQ has been devoured by hungry guests

Make sure you have enough seating.

When hosting an Easter party, it's important to make sure that you have enough seating for all of your guests. You can always use folding chairs or lawn chairs, but if you want something more permanent and sturdy, consider setting up a table with some sturdy legs. This will help keep everyone comfortable as they eat and drink.

Add a few centerpieces to your table for a more home-y feeling. You can add our solar tiki torch in its tabletop mode for a dancing flame effect, or just keep it simple by adding some flowers!

Make it fun for the kids!

If you have children and plan to have other friends or family over, make sure to have games for them. If you don't, feel free to ignore this section.

Decorate your yard with Easter eggs! Kids love finding them, and it really makes the theme pop out at people who aren't looking for it. Try hiding them all over the place—in bushes and trees, on top of walls and fences, even in flower beds or under bushes where they can be hidden from sight but not by much (you want people to find them!). You could even put some up high on a tree branch so that kids under age five can see them easily.

Have an Easter egg hunt! There are tons of different types of egg hunts floating around out there nowadays; if you have access to any old plastic eggs lying around your house then just use those instead for whatever kind of event/party/celebration type thingy that needs filling up with cheap plastic toys somehow—if not then head down to Walgreens or Target before checkout lanes get too crowded because once those lines start forming then every single store employee suddenly has their hands full helping customers instead which means no one else gets help ever again until closing time rolls around again next week when everyone returns home exhausted after spending half their waking hours waiting outside in line just so they could buy lunch meat without going hungry tonight while also trying not get trampled underfoot by hungry shoppers running toward cash registers

Light the way with solar lights.

Solar lights are a great way to add some ambiance to your outdoor living space, whether you're entertaining guests or just hanging out on the patio with friends. They're easy to install and don't require wiring, which makes them a good option for renters who don't want to spend money or time making any permanent changes. And because they run off of solar power rather than electricity from an outlet, they're also environmentally friendly!

Pro tip: Solar-powered lanterns are especially perfect for adding a little light where there might not otherwise be any (like under your deck).

You'll have the best Easter weekend ever!

Prepare for the perfect weather. Make sure to plan ahead and know what you will do if it rains, or if it’s too hot. It’s always better to be prepared than to have nothing ready in case of bad weather.

Have fun with your friends and family while enjoying some time outdoors, but don't forget about safety! If you are planning on grilling food over an open flame, make sure that your grill is placed at least ten feet away from anything flammable (like a deck railing), or else set up a tarp around it so that no one can get hurt in case someone accidentally throws their cigarette in the wrong direction (even though smoking should not be allowed at any time). Make sure everyone knows how close they can get before stepping back out of harm's way—this includes pets as well!

And there you have it: the perfect Easter weekend BBQ. You can make it happen at your home, with family and friends, and enjoy some delicious seasonal fare while you're at it. But remember—always keep safety in mind when planning any event. You don't want to end up with a bunch of kids running around your yard without supervision!

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