Our Most Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Lights

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Lights

Adding light to your front yard, back yard, deck or pool area can allow you and your family to continue to enjoy these festive spaces after sunset. More light also provides an additional measure of security for your home and property.

But which type of lights will work best for your needs? Traditional lighting is one answer, but outdoor solar lighting offers another option that many homeowners find even more appealing.

Curious? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about outdoor solar lighting.

How Do Outdoor Solar Lights Work?

The short answer is “great.” The longer answer starts with sunlight, which charges a small solar panel inside each light fixture. The energy in that panel is then gathered in a rechargeable battery, and is released as light when a sensor detects there is no sunlight. 

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Solar Light?

Usually six to eight hours of sunlight exposure will keep the lights on all night. 

What Happens When It’s a Cloudy Day?

The lights will still work, although perhaps they won’t shine as bright.


Why Choose Outdoor Solar Lights over Traditional Electrical Lights?

First, they’re easy to install, so you don’t have to find an outlet to plug them in, or hire an electrician to string wires, or connect them in any way to a power source in your home. You’ll be done in minutes. And if you ever want to move them around, that can be done easily as well. They also won’t increase your power bill. And since there are no power cords, you can put them near a pool without any safety risk. Finally, they are better for the environment than traditional sources of energy, which pollute our air and water, and create hazardous waste that requires disposal.


How Long Will Outdoor Solar Lights Last?

You can get many years of use out of outdoor solar lights. The rechargeable batteries will last about two years before they need to be replaced, and the LED light bulbs can shine up to 100,000 hours. Just clean any dust of mud off them every so often, and you’ll be able to enjoy them for a long time.


Where Can I Buy Outdoor Solar Lights?

Glad you asked! Check out our full line of quality outdoor solar lights at your favorite retailer here 

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