Reviewed: Tantalize Your Senses with These Fall Home Essentials

Reviewed: Tantalize Your Senses with These Fall Home Essentials

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Autumn is more than just a season; it’s a sensory experience. The feel of crisp air on your face, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, the sight of trees donning their vibrant hues, the delight of pumpkin spice flavored everything, and the aroma of cinnamon wafting through the air. As nature transitions, it invites us to shift our homes from the light and breezy vibes of summer to the warm and cozy embrace of fall. This transformation doesn’t demand a complete overhaul, but rather a few thoughtful additions and tweaks.

From the comforting glow of candles to the soft embrace of plush blankets and the practical magic of small appliances that whip up your favorite hot beverages, this blog delves into all the must-have fall home essentials. So, grab your favorite sweater, and let’s explore the items that will make your home (both inside and out) a snug sanctuary this season.

Since early Autumn is the perfect time to spend evenings outside on the patio by the fire, I’m starting with my selection of outdoor fall essentials. If this isn’t your vibe, scroll down a little further for my inside-the-home essential items.

Solar Tiki Torches by Techko
A patio is not complete without ambient lighting. I especially love these Tiki Torches because they are completely safe for use with two large dogs running around. They charge all day while sitting out in the sun so they can “burn” all night when it gets dark.

These torch lights offer a beautiful glow that you can switch to either still light like a lamp would offer, or flame light, like a real torch would offer. I keep them on the flame setting because I love the realistic movement of the light inside the torch casing. (Funny side note: the next day after I put these out in our backyard, my husband had forgotten I did that and thought our backyard was on fire because he saw the flame through our fence. I had forgotten to turn them off before going back inside the night before.)

These torch lights create a wonderful ambiance with the string lights that I have overhead on my patio. The assembly was very easy, and I love that I have the option to break them down and use them as garden lights or table lamps if I ever decide to. The Solar Tiki Torches by Techko are sold by the pair for under $90.


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