Outdoor vs. Indoor Solar Lights?

Outdoor vs. Indoor Solar Lights?

Our attractive and durable line of outdoor solar lights can brighten up your back yard, your pool area, your front walkway and other parts of your property. But why stop there?

If you’re heading out for a day at the beach, take our Solar Torch Lights with you so the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Or put one of our Wall Lights up in that tree house you built for your kids.

Or…why not bring them inside?

If the power goes out in your home, the solar lights in your yard will still be shining brighter than ever.

And since there are no cords, no wires, and no need to plug them into an outlet, you can carry them anywhere they might be needed. Our outdoor Wall Lights can easily be slid off their mounts and placed on steps to add light along a stairwell. Use one of our Torch Lights as a table light.

Solar Lantern IndoorsSolar Lantern Indoors on Table


Of course, you don’t need an emergency to use our lights this way.

The soft amber light emanating from our portable Solar Lanterns can help set the right ambiance for a romantic evening at home. Or they can add a pleasing atmosphere to your dining room if you are having guests over for dinner. They can even be used as a night-light in a child’s bedroom – just take them back outside in the morning so the lights can recharge.

Have you used any of our outdoor solar lights inside your home? Send us a photo – we’d love to see it!

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