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KOBOT Mini Tabletop Handheld Vacuum-2pk

KOBOT Mini Tabletop Handheld Vacuum-2pk

SKU: Model: CL-103-2

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Keep your tables, countertops and keyboards free of dust and debris with this little handheld vacuum! Can also be used to remove lint and pet hair from your clothes or in the car to remove dust from the dashboard, it’s great for a quick and easy clean up. Comes with a removable filter. Compact, ergonomic design that doesn't add clutter to your desk

  • MINIMAL, ELEGANT AND PORTABLE DESIGN - The minimal design of the vacuum fits on any table-top in any setting - at the office, in your kitchen, or even the car. The compact design also makes for easy storage in drawers.
  • HIGH SUCTION FOR TABLETOP MESSES - Easily clean crumbs on counters, pencil shavings on desks, or small messes on kitchen tables
  • SIMPLE, SINGLE-HAND OPERATION - With a touch of a switch, the vacuum turns on and is ready to use
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - The included dustbin simply opens up to easy cleaning. No charging cables, since it operates on 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • Vacuum filter (included)
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • 2x units included in each pack

Model: CL-103-2

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Customer Reviews

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Four Stars


I recently received this product and used it for the first time. I had never heard or tried a tabletop handheld vacuum before. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. It’s perfect for my smaller messes around my computer desk and end tables.


I love this KOBOT mini table top handheld vacuum. Just pop in two AA batteries and you are ready to go. The suction on this vacuum is great. I keep one in the house for cleaning the top of our coffee table, the kitchen counters, and my laptop keys. I keep another one in my car because it is great for cleaning up crumbs and getting the dust off of the dashboard and console. It comes with a removable filter so you can just take that out and clean it then put it right back in. There is a dustbin that you open to empty it. Easy on and off switch. You can do everything with one hand. I love this little vacuum and thank you will too.


This small little gadget is the most amazing little tool to have. It's so powerful and does an amazing job. I love to keep one in my car. The other is near my computer. I can't believe how well they pick up. Rug looks like it was swept by a regular vacuum. The clean up is so easy. These are a must have for those small jobs. I'm thinking this would be amazing in the tent to get the floor cleaned right up. Super nice and super powerful!


I got this a few weeks ago and I find the Kobot Mini Tabletop Handheld Vacuum very useful. It's handy for getting the crumbs and dust out of the grooves of a table. I have also found it useful for my leather seats in my car to get the dust and dirt out of the folds of the seat. It's small, handheld, easy to use and easy set up. It's battery operated which I am not fond of but it works well for me. I would definitely recommend checking out Kobot Mini Tabletop Handheld Vacuum to anyone for keeping their home clean.

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