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Kobot Portable Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Kobot Portable Cordless Handheld Vacuum

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The Kobot Portable Cordless Handheld Vacuum will surely assist you in your cleaning needs. Wherever you are this little portable vacuum will not disappoint. It comes with a see-through dust collector cover and washable filter so you can easily see when it is time to clean it out. The crevice tool and T-Style tool will assist you in those hard-to-reach places.

  • PORTABLE CORDLESS HANDHELD VACUUM - Lightweight hand vacuum for cleaning anywhere. Can use anywhere, in the home or car.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY - Rechargeable, built- in Lithium-Ion batteries, 2 x 2000 mAH - 2 amp; approximate run time 16 minutes on a full charge.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Washable filter and clear dirt/dust collecting cover for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • INCLUDED ATTACHMENTS FOR EXTRA CLEANING – Crevice tool and T-Style tool for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Models: CL-108-B, CL-108-G, CL-108-W

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Gets the spots you can’t reach

I was actually impressed with this tiny vacuum! I love that it is compacted and can be stored away easily. There aren’t any annoying cords to deal with and charging is super easy. Plus the charge lasts forever before having to actually charge it so that’s a plus! This vacuum gets all the places I cannot or that my big vacuum can’t get! It’s perfect for getting crumbs from inside cabinet drawers, pantry, or the fridge! It even gets alllll the dust from the dryer out from the tray & where the tray is inserted! So, that was a HUGE bonus for me! Definitely recommend this vacuum!

A Goid Little Cordless Vacuum for Easy Tasks

I had a difficult time putting this together. The instructions showed the parts, but said nothing about putting it together, so I thought took off a star for that. Once I figured out how to get it together and STAY together, I immediately turned it on. I was impressed that it came charged and ready to use. I attempted to suck up my dog’s pet hairs on my blanket. I tried using the two different heads it came with and the vacuum by itself. It picked up some, but it didn’t have enough suction to pick up them all. It is a handy little vacuum that held its charge and worked better picking stuff up on a flat surface like our wooden floor. My overall opinion is it’s okay. No outstanding performance or features that would entice me to purchase another one, but it will be used for quick, easy suction places like around the doors where people come in and the cars. The charger definitely makes it easier to use in the vehicles within worrying where to plug it in. I’m not sure how much this costs, but for more suction and power I suggest Black & Decker. If you’re on a budget and less suction, power, durability is fine, then I think this would work fine.

Works great!

It does its job of picking up messes and its portable and lightweight. Great for when you don't want to drag out the vacuum for a small mess or cleaning the car or carseat! My downsides were the build of it is a little balky in the handle, and it is quit loud for such a small appliance. And I do wish there was a light indicator of when it needs charged and when its done charging. Overall it does its job.

Amazing handheld

I received this portable cordless handheld vacuum cleaner and it is absolutely amazing!! Comes with a charger and I must say I have only had to charge it one time so the charge lasts a long time. It has very good suction and its small enough to use in your house and makes a great car tool for cleaning out your car! the end comes off by a slight twist so you can clean it out and reuse over and over again...this is such a great little vac and works so good!! Definetly recommend for small jobs as it is very portable, lightweight and cordless!!!!

Great suction at a small size

I had my living room painted, but had to do some sanding on the wall prior. I forgot to cover the couch even if I pushed it away. Well, cough still collected dust. I used this little thing and it worked its charm very well. My kids are excited to use it since it's small and light. Highly recommended

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