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Solar Portable Cylinder Pathway Light (Flame Effect)

Solar Portable Cylinder Pathway Light (Flame Effect)

SKU: Model: STL-211-1

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Solar Portable Garden and Path Lights by Techko provide a stylish design and a modern look. This unit comes with the option of two different lighting modes. The first being a traditional still amber light effect for everyday uses with the second option being a flickering flame effect to simulate an actual torch; providing a different lighting ambiance while avoiding the risk of an actual flame. This design is weather resistant and suitable for various climate conditions. The modern and efficient design allows for the light to last up to 12+ hours on a full charge. They are perfect to enhance your garden areas, line your sidewalks, driveways or bring them inside after they have fully charged. Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. Comes with a dust and water resistance IP65 rating allowing the unit to remain functional outside in most climates. Contains one solar portable light.

  • Lights up to 12 plus-hours on a full charge
  • Automatically charges and turns of at dusk and off at dawn
  • Option for flame or still light
  • IP65 waterproof performance

Model: STL-211-1

Unit Dimensions (in): 5.28 x 5.82 x 13.07

Contains one solar light

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  • Hassle-free Solar

    Automatically charges during the day and turns on at night. No wires or cords, just set it and forget it.

  • Easy, 5 min Installation

    Included ground stakes or wall mounting kits make it easy and intuitive to set up solar lights around your home.

  • Weather Resistant

    IP65 Waterproof Rating means that our lights are resistant to most moderate rain and snow conditions.

  • Stays on all night

    12+ hours of battery life means that your home and yard can stay lit all night long.

  • Energy Efficient

    Off-grid electricity means that your solar lights are eco-friendly and sustainable.

  • Mix and Match

    Customize the look of your home by choosing a variety of solar lights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Verified Customer
Great ambiance!

The Techko's Solar Portable Garden and Path Light - Amber or Flame is a wonderful addition to any garden or patio! The light is just bright enough to create a nice ambiance and the flame feature is a lovely addition! I have had it out in almost all conditions, rain, cold and hot. And each night at dusk it lights up my patio. A switch at the top goes from off to on to flame. Easy enough to use!

Lovely Lantern

Super in love with these solar portable garden and path lights! I received one in the mail and couldn't wait to try it out. I immediately set my new lantern out on my front deck and let it soak up the sun rays before night fell. I immediately loved the size of the lantern and knew it would look gorgeous lit up at night. The lantern has a big button on the top next to the solar panel which allows you to turn it off, set it as a solid light or switch it to flickering flame. I tried out the flickering flame right off the bat because I couldn't wait to see how it looks. As soon as the sun dropped my gorgeous flicking flame lantern lit up and I loved it instantly! The light is very bright and lights up my entire front deck. The color is gorgeous and the flickering is fun and peaceful and looks wonderful both up close and far away. The solid light without the flickering is beautiful too, but the flickering by far has been my favorite. I haven't had any issues with this lantern not soaking up enough sun or not lasting a long time throughout the night, and so far I have been nothing but pleased with it. I look forward to seeing what else this brand has to offer and will absolutely recommend this product to family and friends!

Easy, warm light

Extremely lightweight and easy to use (basically took it out of the box and it worked that night). The flame function is a bit erratic, so we like the static warm setting better, but we're very happy with this product.

Nice bright solar light

Firstly the portable light is such a nice size, but it's super lightweight! I placed it outside for the day to charge up. I placed the light outside my door and turned it on the flame setting. It ran all night from 9 till 8 am. It last for such a long time. I will be placing this at the bottom of my stairs were the porch light doesn't reach. It gives off a really good glow. Will be perfect for when the kids want to play past

Very elegant!

I love solar lights and lanterns. This product is very stylish and modern. The flickering option is lovely. The glow is very bright. If you are in search of a modern or sleek solar lantern you will not be disappointed. Very pleased!

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