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Solar Security Light (Twin Spotlight)

Solar Security Light (Twin Spotlight)

SKU: Model: SSL-307-1

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Techko Solar Security Light – Twin Light provides multiple lighting options; from a constant brightness to motion triggered lighting modes for users to choose from. Featuring an adjustable solar panel with the capability to detach from the panel and mount at an optimal sunlight location. This unit comes with an IP65 waterproof rating allowing the unit to remain functional outside in most climates.

  • Lights up to 12+ hours on a full charge
  • Detachable solar panel
  • Energy saving
  • Eco-friendly
  • Automatically charges and turns on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Easy to install on the wall

Model: SSL-307-1

Unit Dimension (in): 7.83 x 8.86 x 6.62 

Contains one solar light.

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  • Hassle-free Solar

    Automatically charges during the day and turns on at night. No wires or cords, just set it and forget it.

  • Easy, 5 min Installation

    Included ground stakes or wall mounting kits make it easy and intuitive to set up solar lights around your home.

  • Weather Resistant

    IP65 Waterproof Rating means that our lights are resistant to most moderate rain and snow conditions.

  • Stays on all night

    12+ hours of battery life means that your home and yard can stay lit all night long.

  • Energy Efficient

    Off-grid electricity means that your solar lights are eco-friendly and sustainable.

  • Mix and Match

    Customize the look of your home by choosing a variety of solar lights.

Customer Reviews

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Verified Customer

Junk. The sensor won't work until you literally are on top of it. When the lights finally do come on the are not bright at all. Would not recommend it.

Verified Customer
Great Solar light!

I have a few acres and was wanting a bright solar light that I could put between my house and the back end of my yard. This works perfectly and provides just the right amount of light needed for me. The motion sensors are very accurate without being so touchy that they come on for the trees blowing. They are bright enough for me to be able to see about 30-35 feet in the area I have them directed at. I mounted them up high pointed down so they would get adequate sunlight, and even with that they catch my or my dog very well! They were very easy to install, I mounted them to a wooden post and it took me maybe 5 minutes. I did have to play with them alot over the first few days to get the sensors directed properly, which was a bit irritating, but now it's been a few weeks with no issues. The lights stay in position even with it being located in a very windy area. Seems extremely durable, and sturdy. I purchased a second one to attach to the side if my garage which has aluminum siding on it, and install was as easy as the first!

Lights the driveway!

I have a good size driveway and at night it's very dark where I live. I needed a light that would light up the driveway to see where I was going at night and give me comfort for security also. This light has two light with one on each side to light up a large portion of area to see. These light are bright but not blinding to have. I feel better at night when I'm home alone and can look outside and see anyone or anything coming up to my home. Installing this light was pretty simple and only took about 15 minutes from start to finish. We have had these lights installed for almost a month now and have been impressed with the brightness and security feature making us feel safer in our home.

Really like this product

This light was super easy to install since it requires no wiring at all. The lights are a lot brighter than I expected and the motion sensor works great. It makes our very dark driveway much safer now! Very happy with this product.

security lights

We live out in the country and it get very dark. we have chickens we tend to and let them free range usually till about 9pm. this light has become our saving grace. we usually will take a flash light out and call them in but with this light we just walk by it or the chickens do and it lights up. we have it positioned so it lights up a good section of the yard the chickens stay in. this light was easy to install and we are looking to buy another for the back end of the barn so we can see the whole area the chickens roam around in. very easy to install like i sad and a great product. very durable. this item is a good buy

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